Novembro – 7 – Combat Mobility System (2º Lote)




Combat Mobility System is a comprehensive study guide to efficient movement with firearms:

• Increase shooting platform stability in a variety of tactical body positions;

• Efficient tactical transitions from one position to the next;

• Smooth ground engagement and disengagement;

• Enhanced obstacle navigation while both hands are on the firearm;

• Superior muzzle discipline maintenance with complete control of your line of fire.

The Combat Mobility System

maximize your shooting ability,
increase your combat effectiveness,
enhance your safety,
while greatly reducing injury potential from operating in a dynamic environment

The foundational concepts and specific drills incorporated into the Combat Mobility System provides numerous ways for you train functional fitness and improve your movement ability way beyond what is achievable through general exercise. The heightened level of functional fitness and improved mobility attained through following the Combat Mobility System transfers directly to your overall FIREARM FIGHTING SKILLS.

Advanced shooters know the value of dry fire training and how it enhances your live fire skills, if trained correctly. But generally, dry fire training is fairly static or limited to a single position, which does not reflect the conditions outside of the flat range and in the real world.



  • Ter passado pelo curso de tiro Nível 1 da Academia Brasileira de Armas ou comprovar experiência prévia com armas de fogo
  • Estar fisicamente apto à prática de atividades físicas

Equipamentos necessários:

  • Calça tática
  • Bota
  • Coldre
  • Bandoleira
  • Porta carregadores